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Channel ABC Signal

1905 4hPLAN Gold waing for confirming signsl to sell

Hello traders,

This is a video to update plan to sell Gold on the reflection point of the uptrend channel on 4h chart and 30m chart to get your confirming signal to open order.

Just a quick review on this wave counting. Now I would like to take this channel as a trend with grand super BIG ABC wave. Now the price is staying in the fibo 1.618 extension of wave A. It is very possible for it to pull back for a correction for wave C. Those supports level are all possible for the end of correction. And 1800 is possible to retest too.
Check on 30m chart, you will find out a sideways movement since Monday euro session. Some traders might like to scalp pips there. But thats not my strategy to trade.. Now I am just waiting for a confirming signal on this timeframe maybe before or after LONDON session.

This is a plan to sell with a potential RR > 4 with target to 1818.
And RR up to 6 with target to 1800.

Good luck on this plan.

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