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2104 Quick Revew of last week trading plans(4.12-4.16)

Hello traders

Today is 21th April Wednesday. We are going to have a quick review of last week trades we sent out, not trading plans on tradingview.

1st one EURGBP
This is a trade hit stop loss by a third hit on this upper band of flat channel with 30 pips loss. Autually, EURGBP gave us a second chance to sell on last Friday after hitting our stop loss on the reflection point of the channel. I personally did open a sell on that that position with 1 lot. Now this ratio is pulling back on 1h chart with sideways. You could keep eyes on this ratio for new entry opportunity to sell.

We got this trade hit all targets with 200 pips, RR>3. Actually, we could be better because usoil rise up to 64 eventually. And our second idea on USOIL on 1h chart to long again hit its 1ST target too. And traders who open a trade based on 1h chart like us might be got a break-even trade because OIL start to drop from this Tuesday after hitting the upper line of that channel again and made a hard drop from there.

GBPUSD hit our 1st trade stop loss with 50 pips loss. And it almost hit our 2nd trade with a fake breakthrough. But it did not. And eventually , it move alone with the flat channel and changed its running rhythm with middle band support and rallied up to hit all targets of our 2nd trade with 230 pips, RR>5.

GOLD hit our 1st trade while it making a retest of middle band of Bollinger band and we got out 2nd trade by that position with potential RR>4, targeting 1777. It did a wonderful job. So two trade on GOLD eventually got 240 pips profit.

We were expecting a trade to follow main channel to drop. But USDCAD surprised us with a strong rally up to break it and hit stop loss with 70 pips.

USDJPY we expected it to reversed by breaking through this trend line on 1h chart. But it kept moving after a correction that broke this trend line and hit stop loss with 40 pips.

So totally we got 390 pips all together last week.

Plans last week on EURJPY , GBPCAD AND NZDUSD did not become a real trade for us.
EURJPY did not give us a confirming signal. GBPCAD gave us a reversal signal and we did not want to join it. NZDUSD did not pull back for us to join.

So thats reveiw for last week. Good luck for this trading week.
Will update new plans later video.
Good luck!!!

Click to check video on Tradingview.