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Channel ABC Signal

ABC Trading Strategy
We dont predict, we only follow trend.
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Channel ABC Trading Strategy Course

——A strategy course about Application of Swing trades


Channel ABC Trading Strategy Course is the one can help traders to establish a mindset of building a constant profitable trading strategy, using time and event filters to filter fake signals in the trading market, hunting trading opportunities accurately in the forex market by following the main daily or weekly trend. This strategy is helping traders to get rid of the trader's own defects like subjective trading and over-trading, combining with the actual situation of the trader's account, providing possibilities of sustained profit in real trading world.

There are six steps need to do using Channel ABC Trading Strategy to trade:

1. Choose your trading timeframe.

2. Find out your way to confirm a new swing or a new trend.

3. Find out trading signals that can confirm the start of new swing or new trend.

4. Define your risk ratio or the maximum amount your can afford to lose.

5. Define your entry signal and exit signal.

6. Record your trading journey by following above, stick to your plan and trading discipline.

In this course, I am going to show you all the trading tools and techniques that I use in my trading analysis on Tradingview and how I use them with a reasonable risk management that fix my return expectation in my real trading account. You would find out that all techniques or tools in our strategy course are the most common ones and you may met them in other courses before or use them in your real trading once. However, they did not bring you a profit result or they did not make you a constant profit result just like they bring it to me. On of the reasons is that you do not have a constant trading strategy you are deeply confidence with or believe in. You keep changing your strategy if you get a loss result, which makes verification of your trading strategy impossible. Our trading tools and techniques are both looks easy but they all have their own keys to make them different from the common. For example, our wave theory is not the same as Elliot Wave Theory. Elliot Wave Theory is too complicated to us and I found out forex trading do not need to fully comply with “Eight Wave Circle”to make profit.  That is also why so many traders have questions about my wave theory on Tradingview .

Channel ABC Trading Strategy is a strategy following the main trend to make trading plans, finding entry and exiting signals with patience, growing account with those high possibility trades on a reasonable pace while knowing a acceptable potential loss could happen. As my course subscribers, you will be capable of building your own trading style by adding your own indicators and risk preference after finishing our course. Usually we would suggest 5%-10% risk only for your whole account. You could risk more if you have higher risk tolerance.


1.Lines and Channels:

Connect any two highest or lowest points can form a resistance line or a support line. Drawing a line parallel to the resistance line or support line can form a channel . Lines are an effective tool to find out trends, but each line has its own limitation. We are looking for lines that are beneficial to us. Channel , which is composed of lines, is another effective tool to find out trends. It can help not only locating a trend, also can predict the entrance and exit of our trading strategy. This chapter explains how to use lines and channels to discover trends.

2. ABC Wave:

Many beginners are easily to trust and use Elliot's eight-wave cycle model to guide their real trades. Elliot wave theory is the most classic wave theory which should be a more enlighten theory than a standard answer to our real trading work. You can easily get yourself in a loss situation if you insist trading in accordance with Elliot's eight waves circle theory. We're not trying to argue if Elliot's wave theory is right or wrong, we are here to tell you that perfect wave counting is not making you profit. After all, no one can say a trend is finished until it is finished. The market is unpredictable. We use wave counter to predict a possible swing which constitutes part of a trend. This chapter will explain how to apply ABC wave theory to find a new swing.

3. Japanese Candlesticks:

Learning and adding candlestick chart analysis to your trading strategy will only enhance and diversify your trading knowledge and trading skill. When you have the skill of finding a trend , you need to know how to use it for your trades. We need help from Japanese candlesticks which can help us to get rid of all the "indicators", "fundamentals" issue and keep you staying away from the noise of the market. This chapter will explain how to use candlesticks to find out your entry and exit signals and also how to set up STOP LOSS.

4. Fibonacci and Harmonic theory

Channel ABC trading strategy usually use fibonacci series to predict the potential exit position. The advantage of forecasting is that you can distribute your size on a trade with different targets, to plan in advance.

Harmonic theory, also known as harmonic trading mode, is a kind of expected morphology. In fact, its essence is the composition of fibonacci series. When prices get out of the pattern through specific behavior, traders often find opportunities to enter the market before the market starts, simply by trading according to a pre-planned trading plan. The characteristics of using harmonic theory to make an order are: the entry point is clear, the stop point is reasonable, the stop point is ideal. Fibonacci series and harmonic trading theory are an auxiliary position prediction tool in Channel ABC trading strategy.

5. Indicators: RSI and Bollinger Bands

Channel ABC trading strategy uses only two simple indicators in trading. One is the RSI, and the other is the Bollinger bands. By setting our parameters on these indicators, Channel ABC trading strategy uses them to predict where a potential reversal could happen.

6. Supports and Resistances:

The support point (region) and the resistance point (region) are actually an important part of the "position" session which are easily to find out. Behind supports and resistances, it is a result of the fierce competition between buyers and sellers. It is the direct feedback of the market sentiment. The selection of key positions in support region and the resistance region provides a potential trading opportunity to find out entry and exit, allowing traders to plan in advance with risk management plans according to a high Reward-risk ratio. Its easily to be found and more meaningful to traders. In addition, supports and resistances can help investors to establish the r

7. Risk management:

Trading should be a probability game under a controllable risk which is the only way to keep you safe from killing your account. In the process of investment, the most valuable trading action is to be productive instead of being diligent.  The danger of hard-working trading is that it exposure your human weaknesses. The market won't care if you win or lose today. But you trade more, you usually lose more. A trader needs to have the mindset of "compound interest thinking" , which is telling you that you need a profitable strategy that aim to grow your account on a steady pace , like 10-20% of your account. And you can grow it slowly with a impressive 100%-240% rise annually if you do it well. Fund management or risk management is the goalkeeper of Channel ABC trading strategy. In order to trade well, a stable risk management strategy has the same significance as a profitable trading system.

8. Application of Channel ABC Trading Strategy

This chapter is aiming to fix the errors or problems encountered by traders in the process of using Channel ABC trading strategy through their real trading, such as lots size distribution and finding signals, etc. It helps traders to construct a trading philosophy that will benefit for their future trades.

The course is intended for

Amateur retail investors and professional investors with basic knowledge of derivatives trading.

You should know

There are 8 chapters in Channel ABC Trading Strategy course which are all encrypted video. You can replay them anytime you want without time limitation.  They are not duplicatable and protected by intellectual property.

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