Channel ABC Strategy Trading Course

Trading course
3-month Signal subscription

Channel ABC Strategy Trading Course
Trading course
half year Signal subscription


Who are you , can I trust you ?


Vera Huang, graduated from Uni of Queensland, double master degree, 8 years

working experiences in the biggest merchant bank of China, 10 years trading

experiences. Channel ABC Strategy is a steady profitable strategy that took Vera' yyears to develop, which is suitable for newbies of FX ,also help experienced

traders on finding more precise postion of every trade.

You can find Vera on


Channel ABC training course is suitable for me?


The course is for——
Newbies:want to learn how to bulid a profitable strategy from 0

experience instead staying in front of screen 24 hours everyday. Save time to

stay with family , enjoy your life.

Experienced traders:the course helps to to find out more precise position of

entry, stop loss, and targets with a controllable lots size.


How can I get the courses?


All training courses are recorded vedio and go with tests, following up by Vera.

The courses system cover trading tools , risk management that for Channel

ABC Strategy. It is the essence of strategy from Vera' years experiences.

Recoded vedio make sure you can repeat study untill you get all the points.


Can I have a refund?


Of course, for group you can get your refund before course start.

Refund is not available after that.


Can I get one monthe signal for free if  I subscribe the



Every student subscribe our course can get  "All pairs" signal service one

monthe free. The signal service start from the date of course start, 30 days



Does courses take in the fix time?


You can get the courese anytime, anywhere within a month. All you need to do is finish assignment on time before get to next session of the courses.


How can i get the courses?


Once you finish the subscription, assistant will inform you the time of course

start, and send you the link to take the course. You can repeat the course untill

you understand all the points.


C1 When to trade
Q. Do you need to trade all the time?

C2 Unified way to count wave
Q. Do you still have problem on counting waves?

C3 Trendline and channel
Q. You need to understand the importance of trend

C4 How to use candlesticks
Q. You need used candlesticks to find out your entry

Channel ABC Strategy Trading Course

C5 Filters
Q. Will you still go to somewhere that you know you will die?

C6 What is lots size
Q. Do you need to exhaust all your have on your account?

C7 Questions before a new trade
Q. Trade with cautiousness.

C8 Application of Channel ABC Strategy
Q. Only real loss can help you understand trading.

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